History and Philosophy

Vatel, International School of Hospitality and Tourism, has 30 years experience with 30 schools around the world sending students to the same 6000 teaching based on the balance between academic theory and professional experience.

Hoa Sen University 20 years experience in the field of human education, is divided into four faculties: Training Continues International, Economy and Commerce, Science and Technology, and Language and Cultural Studies. The University Hoa Sen has always been true to his quote: Putting the student at the center of the work educator, and providing businesses and society of human resource quality.

2 relevant units, two ambitious projects further, a restaurant was born.

The birth of the restaurant and bar are the result of a concept seriously and investigated that the initiators want to bring one hand to their clients through a address truly dedicated to French gastronomy and the art of tasting wine, the other to their students through a "field" that allows them to live and actually practice the theoretical lessons under strict professional guidance and requirements of different experts.


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