Especially, almost all of French people are gourmets and they view culinary issues as important. Some foods, which are considerably French people's pride as the "national spirit and substance" every when mentioning, are fatty liver, cheese, baguettes, wines, macaron...

Considered as the cradle of European cuisine, French people are confident to introduce to the world their great fatty liver. Fatty liver is taken from adult duck's or goose's liver. The process of cooking fatty liver is extremely complicated. Fatty liver, which want to be delicious, must be taken from ducks or gooses which underwent the special period of fattening right since one day old.

4,500 years ago, Egyptians are the first people using this fatty liver. This fatty liver was primarily served the kings and the nobility at that moment. Fatty liver was imported in France in the 19th century, and became one part of France's cultural and culinary heritage. Currently, although fatty liver became famous and the soul of French cuisine, very few restaurants obtain the ability to cook this fatty liver, because the preservation process and the meticulous recipe require that only professional chefs can cook the perfect fatty liver. Fatty livers are rich in saturated fat. If eating in moderation, it can help to decrease the amount of cholesterol in blood.


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