Having interest in cooking as well as pursuing a dream for bringing French cuisine to over the world, Mr. Patrick Bérenger could not think of becoming the Chef of Vatel Saigon Restaurant.

Being methodical trained in Paris and having valuable experience at many famous restaurants, Patrick Bérenger has had strong foundation for cooking with style of French cuisine.

At his childhood, Patrick Bérenger had a strong desire for cooking and decided to pursue his profession of cooking. He spent most of his time working at popular hotels and restaurants as well as luxury ones in West Africa, the United States, Spain, HongKong, etc. as a sous-chef then a Head-Chef when getting skillful and famous. Especially, thanks to his clever hands and good sensation in dishes, Patrick Bérenger was selected for being one member of Chef Staff at the French Prime Minister House.

Despite gaining many achievements which are dreams of any chef in France, Patrick Bérenger has desired for travelling to other countries in the world in order to pursuing his wish. In the United States, Patrick Bérenger worked as a Head Chef of Hôtel Méridien- New Port Beach then he continued his cooking in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. In each country, hehas brought the flower of French cuisine to guests so that his cooking has become more and more refined. He has kept his dream alive with his travel to Vietnam for being the Head Chef of Vatel Saigon.

At Vatel Saigon Restaurant, Patrick Berenger has developed French cuisine’s spirit in each dish introduced in public. 

At a restaurant, the Chef is considered to play an important role of introducing dishes of restaurant to all guests. An excellent Chef should not only make delicious dishes, know how to make them in distinctive shapes and satisfy guests’ demands but also put his heart into cooking. With each tasty dish to guests, Patrick Bérenger has aroused his great passion for French cuisine to them considerably. 


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